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New website launched - Bryanston Pre-Primary School Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of the brand new Bryanston Pre-Primary School Website.

"One of the first things you’ll notice when you visit Bryanston Pre-Primary School is a happy, fun-filled atmosphere that stems from a sincere love and appreciation of what it means to be a child. This is a warm and loving place where pupils feel comfortable in their own skin. In this way they are able to express themselves through laughter and play and discover their true potential.

Our philosophy is one of learning through both structured and free play. We pride ourselves on being a school that sees the potential in each and every one of our pupils and helps them fulfill that, within a professional but loving environment."


Blog | Every journey begins with…

Have a mechanic check your vehicle before long distance travels
... plenty of preparation and planning. If you not one for doing such, then the journey you embark on could turn out to be a complete flop and disaster, that seemingly worked out reasonably well. However for all motorists traveling over the festive season, safety should be of paramount concern and any flop or disaster surrounding this could result in detrimental consequences.

South African roads claim too many lives on an annual basis. Whether this is due to the state of our roads, driver negligence, driver fatigue or road-worthiness of vehicles not being up to scratch, the fact remains that all road users need to take such facts into consideration and never take such considerations for granted. These solutions start with all vehicle owners who can, through their own actions, ensure they are one step ahead of being a safer entity come the December period.

The means of transport that will be taking travelers to Durban, Cape Town, George or anywhere else in South Africa, is the most crucial facet in ensuring you and your family are safe while on South Africa’s national roads. Many will consider the costs involved in hotel accommodation, entertainment, fuel and toll costs, however they forget the most crucial part, having their vehicles serviced or checked before departing.